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Chimamanda Ngozie Adiche Describes Nigeria’s Security Challenges As Most Violent Since Biafra War [WATCH]

Award winning  Nigerian author, Chimamanda Nogzi Adichie in an interview on BBC Hard Talk speaks about the insurgency in Nigeria  by the Islamic Boko Haram Militant sect.

The Prolific writer whose second novel, “Half of a yellow sun” named after the flag of the short-lived nation of Biafra, which set before and during the Biafra Civil war  said “Since Biafra, I Don’t Think That Anything Else Has Shaken Our Sense of Security as a People”.

Half of a Yellow Sun has been adapted into a film directed by Biyi Bandele after it was awarded the 2007 Orange Prize for fiction  

Listen to the mind-blowing interview

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