Copyright: Twitter Blocks Linda Ikeji’s Tweet Linking Elnathan John’s Photos

Nigerian Blogger Linda Ikeji has been officially denied access from a tweet of hers linking a post titled “Photos: Saraki, Tambuwal, others donate blood for blast victims” to thousands of her followers.

Lawyer and Writer, Elnathan John had accused blogger Ms Ikeji of lifting photos he took without credit, at the National Blood Transfer Service in Abuja; where Speaker Aminu Tambuwal and Senator Bukola Saraki among others were captured donating blood to victims of the Monday Nyanya bomb blast.

Mr Elnathan had on Twitter appealed to the blogger Tuesday 15 April, to take down the story or credit him for the unauthorized photos she lifted from his twitter timeline. But Ms Ikeji did not respond to any of his queries.

See one of the tweets by @elnathan “Dear @lindaikeji take that story down and apologise for this theft. I have not even dropped my camera &you publish my photos without credit?”

Elnathan then wrote to the micro blogging site Twitter, reporting a copyright infringement, alleging that she (Linda Ikeji) had tweeted a link to her blog where the offending photos were.

Twitter responded favorably to his request by disabling access to the reported materials via their site.

The writer has made a similar copyright infringement report to Google which hosts Linda Ikeji’s blog where the reported pictures are. As at the time of filing this report, the report is still up on her
LindaIkeji’s blog.. See Post

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