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The Gang-up Against PDP Will Fail – Jonathan



President Goodluck Jonathan Tuesday declared that the several gang-ups against the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) by the opposition parties would fail, as they had always done in the past.

Jonathan, who spoke in Kaduna during what the party tagged “Unity Rally” for the North-west zone, noted that since 1999, several political parties had always connived to work against the fortunes of the PDP during elections, but have serially failed, stressing that no amount of gang-up by the opposition could erode the electoral fortune of the party.

“We have been told that some people are ganging up in some different names. I can assure you, don’t be bothered about any gang-up. This is not the first time that there has been a gang up. From 1999, there was a gang-up. Two, three political parties came together. They brought presidential candidate from one (of the parties) and Vice-Presidential candidate from one other party. The gang-up will fail.

Jonathan, who drew an allegory between the All Progressives Congress (APC) and combustible products, declared that the APC was like an assemblage of inflammable chemicals.

“I used to tell people that if you put oil in a container, then pour kerosene in that container, then pour sulphuric acid in that container, you bring petrol and pour in that container and then hydrochloric acid, what will come out of the container? It is a disaster!

“So the gang-up will fail. It is just as you mix acid and other things in a container. So don’t be worried, it is not a new thing. They will continue to gang-up, but will fail,” the president declared.

Jonathan told the huge crowd, which trooped to the Murtala Square, Kaduna venue of the event, that PDP remains the most stable and democratic party which is working to develop Nigeria.

According to him, great political parties in the world don’t change everyday like rocks going through metamorphosis, pointing out that the African National Congress (ANC) of South Africa had existed for over 103 years and it still remains ANC today.

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