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Anglican Archbishop Equates Gay Discrimination To Apartheid



Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa on Monday in Cape Town equating discrimination against gay people to the horrors of Nazi Germany and apartheid era in South Africa

He was critisising the Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni over his plan to approve controversial anti-homosexuality laws.

“We must be entirely clear about this, the history of people is littered with attempts to legislate against love or marriage across class, caste, and race.”

He said there was no scientific basis or genetic rationale for love as, there was only the grace of God.

“There is no scientific justification for prejudice and discrimination, ever, nor is there any moral justification. Nazi Germany and apartheid South Africa, among others, attest to these facts,”he said.

Tutu urged Museveni to use the debate to strengthen the culture of human rights and justice in Uganda, and clamp down on sexual exploitation rather than orientation.

Two weeks ago, Museveni told members of his governing party he would sign the bill, passed by parliament late last year, prescribing life imprisonment for homosexuality.

Museveni has come under fire from UNAIDS which warned that Uganda’s progress in tackling the country’s HIV epidemic could be reversed if the law is passed.

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  1. Rev Bhadmos

    2014/02/25 at 10:15 am

    Alas, old age is seriously cashing up with this revered gentleman.It is so so sad that a Reverend Father will be equating gayism with apartheid.

  2. chuks onugha

    2014/02/25 at 10:59 am

    Desmond Tutu speaks for himself and not the Anglican Communion. I am sure decades have passed since he last read a Bible. He also has no strong argument to support his stand on gay relations. There is no “scientific basis” for same sex persons to engage in intimate relations as the premordial purpose for sex is reproduction. I would think an Archbishop would rather base his arguments on scriptures he is supposed to be more in tune with. Trust the devil to use every luke-warm instrument he can find.

  3. Chucks

    2014/02/25 at 5:02 pm

    I can’t believe that a Bishop is saying this I wonder what he learnt from bible why did God destroy Sodom & Gomorrah? Was gay act not part of it did God not express condemn a man lying with a man as like a woman? The world is coming to an end indeed USA that was founded on God is not promoting anti-God act even Mr. Clinton did not promote gay marriage. What will Mr. Obama do about Texas that is prosecuting gays USA is gone.

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