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Governor Orji Promises Abians A Better 2014



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2014 will be a year in which all legacy projects and foundations for sustainable development in Abia state will be fully consolidated. This is according tho the Governor of the state, Theodore Orji. This was made known in a statement, the statement made it known that Abia has advanced in democracy which is now more inclusive, participatory, tolerant and open. The statement reckons that the bondage of godfather-ism has now been laid to rest in the South Eastern state.

The statement wen on to reveal that the days of strife, impunity and ad-hoc process is a no-go area even for future administrations in the state. The Governor enjoined citizens to unite in ensuring and sustaining the current security improvements which has aided the growth of business. Residents of Abia state should also expect constant power supply as the Governor has promised to provide 24 hours uninterrupted power supply through the geometric power plant.

The Governor also promised a better Abia State  in general:

“We will continue in 2014 to drive all our restructured and re-engineered platforms of the new face of Abia to a level where everything is not only changing for the better, but strengthened to be self-propelling.

“I will continue to remind all Abians not to forget where we are coming from – to this far, so that we never derail from our new direction,” the Governor said.

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