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How To Find Out If Your Facebook Friends Hate You



By Alexis Kleinman

Credit: huffingtonpost

Credit: huffingtonpost

Facebook tries very hard to have us get along. Like a kindergarten teacher, the website encourages us to “Share” things with “Friends.” And despite numerous pleas, the social network has balked at adding a “Dislike” button. “Actions on Facebook tend to focus on positive social interactions,” a Facebook engineer once explained.

Into this happy-go-lucky world steps “Hate With Friends.” It’s an app that allows you to find out which of your Facebook friends hate you — but only if they hate you back. It’s perfect if you’ve run out of friends to “Bang.”

Here’s how it works: Go to the app’s website and sign in with Facebook.

fter that, you’ll be presented with all of your Facebook friends, each with a little button below his or her face, urging you to admit that you “hate him” or “hate her.” Borrowing a notification function from the popular dating app Tinder, “Hate With Friends” promises it won’t tell anyone you hate them unless they hate you, too. You’ll only find out if the hate is mutual.

To demonstrate, I tried it out with my editor (I promise we don’t hate each other).

After you pour out all your Hatorade, your friends will be separated into three categories: “Everyone,” “Who I Hate” and “Who Hates Me Too.”

Once you’ve declared your hatred for someone you can always change your mind and say that you don’t hate him, but if you have a friend who is also using the app and hates you back, it’s probably too late. They know.


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