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Tyranny And Fascism, Unwritten Manifesto Of The APC, says PDP




December 1, 2013


Tyranny and Fascism, unwritten manifesto of the APC, says PDP
declares APC ‘Anti Peoples Congress’

The Peoples Democratic Party PDP says events such as the recent bare faced tyranny meted out to a hapless Edo widow by Governor Adams Oshiomhole as well as other anti people utterances and illegalities by the leaders of the All Progress Congress are lending weight to myriads of reasons that stand the APC as the most unelectable political party in the present circumstances of national challenge.

A statement by the National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Chief Olisa Metuh on Sunday flayed the inherent contradictions in the Messianic pretenses of the APC against its lead role in the cascading anti people actions and utterances.

“What a double faced political party the APC is! This minute, the APC evangelizes Nigerians on fine points of good governance and nationalism, claiming they are the ones sent, while the next minute, the same APC leaders are caught with sharp sword on the soul of the nation.

“The actual meaning of APC is ‘Anti Peoples Congress’ and this party’s main ideology is the dehumanization of Nigerians. This is a party that relishes not only in causing disaffection among Nigerians but in directly inflicting pains on them through tyrannical rule, incitement of violence and bloodshed and imposition of heavy taxes in states under their unfortunate control.

“This nation is not in a hurry to forget that the APC Deputy Leader, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, in line with the underlying ideology and mission of his party, had last year boasted that there would be tears and blood should the party lose the 2015 general elections. Buhari described Nigerians as dogs and baboons, who he predicted will be socked in blood should he lose in 2015. Since then, this group of unpatriotic elements has continued to unleash their evil machinations to dehumanize Nigerians”, the PDP said.

The statement reminded Nigerians of the attempt by the same APC to unleash massive violence during the November 16 governorship election in Anambra by importing thugs with dangerous weapons from Osun but for the timely intervention of the security agencies.

Lamenting the wicked disposition of the APC, the PDP recalled; “over the weekend, we saw the Pharaoh Khufu of the 4th dynasty Egypt play out in Edo where the sorrowful tears of a down trodden widow, prostrate at the feet of the governor, pleading for leniency, could neither provoke emotion nor leniency nor restraint, rather, a piercing arrow of a wicked utterance unbecoming of an elected public officer”.

The statement argued that the implication of the Edo scenario as captured in the “go and die” utterance of Adams Oshiomhole is that under the APC, there is no milk of human kindness, therefore, a warning to all down trodden Nigerians that a chastise of scorpion awaits them should the APC be in power at the centre.

“In taking laws into his hands and becoming the prosecutor and the judge only to confiscate the belongings of the widow, Oshiomhole betrayed APC’s disdain for the the principles of rule of law as enshrined in our constitution and gave a glimpse of the recklessness and oppression that will be the order of the day if APC is allowed to hold power at any level in 2015.

“But for the prompt intervention of the PDP in Edo state which came to the rescue with financial lifeline, this widow would have added to the growing population of destitutes created by the APC in states currently under their control” the PDP said.

Buttressing the fact that tyranny and fascism run deep in APC, the statement alluded to a recent statement credited to Mallam Nasiru El Rufai where he told Nigerians of other faith that he could impugn and mock their religion. This, it said is in addition to spirited efforts by the APC to impoverish the people and destroy the unity and mutual love that exist among Nigerians.

“Only recently, Nigerians witnessed the dehumanizing ‘ deportation’ of innocent citizens by the APC government of Lagos state. In flushing out these Nigerians living legitimately in Lagos like illegal immigrants the APC showed that it is a party completely lacking in brotherly love and national spirit.

“In pursing its wicked ideology the APC has since engaged in reckless looting and brazen exploitation in states where they currently hold sway. Nigerians living in Lagos state are now under the burden of heavy taxes through levies by local governments and toll gates to finance the wasteful life style of their leader, their Lion of Bourdillon, Bola Tinubu who has turned Lagos and some southwest states into his personal estates and is now busy imposing his cohorts as leaders and converting state owned property to personal belongings.

“This looting spree and squandermania has spread to other APC states including Imo state where APC Governor Rochas Okorocha has not only frittered away the resources but has mortgaged the future of the state through reckless borrowings to finance his profligate lifestyle.

“Findings by the Debt Management Office show that this unfortunate state now lacks the ability to pay back the loans obtained by the APC administration in the next 25 years. Already, the CBN has blacklisted and declared it unfit to borrow more money due to its rising debt profile under the APC.

“This is the form of government the APC can offer Nigerians. A government of religious and ethnic bigots who delight in violence, divisions and causing confusion among Nigerians. Indeed committed Nigerians often wake up with a nightmare of APC ruling and the kind of tyranny heavy taxes, looting and violence that will be the order of the day”, the party said.

The PDP therefore asked Nigerians to reject the APC as their real motive which is to pretend its way to power and unleash hardship on the people is being daily exposed. “Leopards do not change spots. No matter therefore how hard the APC pretends, its commission and omission will continue to expose it as the party of an ineffective wicked regime as seen in Edo, proclivity to violence as espoused by Buhari, fraudulent as epitomized by Tinubu and its governors while the religious and ethnic jingoism of El Rufai provides an unfortunate recipe for a fertile concourse of anarchy.


Chief Olisa Metuh
National Publicity Secretary.

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