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Zimbabwe To Stop Business With Nigeria, China, India & Others



Zimbabwe-NigeriaThe West African nation of Zimbabwe seems set to execute their plan of banning foreigners from owning bakeries, barber shops, estate agencies and a host of other businesses, officials said on Wednesday.
“Foreigners operating in reserved sectors of the economy have been given January 1 as the deadline to comply with regulations,” a government official told AFP.
Some businesses will now be owned exclusively by Zimbabweans. These businesses include: bakeries, barber shops, beauty salons, estate agencies, grain mills, milk processing plants, retail outlets, tobacco processing, transport and valet services.
This rule has been lying around since 2010 but it is set to be enforced now.
Long ruling President Robert Mugabe seems very serious about putting his country men in charge of most sectors and he has already started that with farmyards
Nations to be affected adversely by the January deadline include Pakistan, Nigeria, India, Congo, China among others
The President of the Nigerian Community in Zimbabwe, Simon Udemba has urged the  Zimbabwean government to have a rethink.
“I would like to plead with the Zimbabwean government and people to be considerate in effecting this exercise,” Udemba told AFP.
As an African and resident of Zimbabwe I am particularly concerned if the approach will be economically beneficial for the country.”
He insisted that Nigerians in Zimbabwe are contributing positively to their host country and did not deserve to be put out of business.
“I believe Nigerians are providing necessary services. Nigerians have been here with Zimbabweans through all these years of isolation by the West, they never deserted Zimbabwe.
They have been in Zimbabwe through thick and thin, they live here with their families. Nigerians in Zimbabwe are doing genuine business and are servicing the economy positively.
In my view there is no black African that should be called a foreigner in any black African land, we should look at one another as brothers.”

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