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Ade Laoye, Kehinde Bankole, Munachi Abii and Omowunmi Dada to Star in Movie Adaptation of Tunde Leye’s Finding Hubby

Since the announcement that the viral Finding Hubby story, written by Author Tunde Leye, would be hitting cinemas in November, fans have been waiting to see the actors who would play the roles of Oyin Clegg and her friends Toke and Gloria in the screen adaption of the blog series.[Read More…]

Tunde Leye’s viral “Finding Hubby” story hitting cinemas this November

For six months between April and September 2012, it was the story everyone looked forward to weekly as they followed 35-year-old Oyin Clegg’s search for her handsome prince. 8 years later, Tunde Leye’s viral story “Finding Hubby” is set to hit cinema screens. In that time, Tunde has gone on[Read More…]

Tunde Leye: Corruption, Competence And Outcomes

I had an interesting conversation on twitter with Mr. Andrew Alli @afalli on competence, corruption and outcomes in public service. After reading that conversation thread, I thought it expedient to document my thoughts on this to shed light on it and correct what might have come across as a condoning[Read More…]

Tunde Leye: Demystifying Knowledge In Our Education

From the 700s when the Abassids ruled the Islamic empire, all through the reign of the Fatimids from the year 909, up until the 13th Century, the Islamic world was the most advanced part of the world. Learning flourished and everyone and anyone could explore new scientific knowledge within the[Read More…]

Tunde Leye: Why Nigerians Don’t Have Work

One of the critical things we clamour for when foreign contractors win contracts or foreign countries provide aid or funding for infrastructure projects is that they do a skill transfer to Nigerians. It is a disservice to our people that the most skilled people in our critical industries are overpaid[Read More…]

Tunde Leye: Lekki-Epe Expressway And Our Lack Of Foresight

In October this year, some school children were knocked down by a speeding car while trying to cross the road to get to their school. The school in question was Ikota Primary School, and the road in question was the Lekki-Epe expressway. The questions that arise from this are obvious[Read More…]

Tunde Leye: Austerity In WonderBags

On Thursday 20th, I heard over the news that because of the slide in oil price, we should be prepared for austerity measures. Over the weekend, I tracked as the CBN complained about the heavy dollar demand due to massive foreign investor selloff of Nigerian stocks was causing the Naira[Read More…]

Checkout The Trailer and B-T-S Photos Of Tunde Leye’s ‘Saving The King’

A new short film, Saving the King will air on various TV stations on Christmas day. The movie which was written by Tunde Leye, directed by Imoh Umoren and adapted for film by  Ifeanyi Barbara Chidi stars Deyemi Okanlawon, Sika Osei, Shawn Faqua and Seun Ajayi. After airing on TV stations, the short[Read More…]

Tunde Leye: Austerity, What Is Good For The People Is Good For The Government

I am one of those who have kept track of the oil prices as well as fall in global demand for our oil for a couple of months now. The reality has set in now. After a desperate battle to shore up the Naira, the CBN is finally left with[Read More…]