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‘I just came out to my family and it went well’ – Nigerian gay man says his parents welcomed him after revealing his sexuality

A Nigerian gay man has revealed his family welcomed him with open arms when he told them he was gay. The young Nigerian wrote on Twitter that he had been afraid to tell his family about his sexuality but with their positive reception, his fears are now gone.  “I JUST[Read More…]

Exclusive: Meet Nigerians who are neither men nor women and identify as non-binary

‘It is weird, people are very religious and still say stuff like ‘’are you saying god made a mistake?’’ Persephone, 20, tells me describing the reaction they get when they reveal to someone they are non-binary. This gaslighting and invalidation of one’s gender identity – instinctive as it may be[Read More…]

Pope Francis Tells Gay Man, God Made Him Gay And His Sexuality “Does Not Matter”

A victim of clerical sexual abuse has said that Pope Francis told him that God made him gay and that his sexuality “does not matter.” Juan Carlos Cruz, a survivor of sexual abuse, spent three days with Pope Francis at the Vatican in April, in which he discussed his sexuality[Read More…]

“Some Women Will Say No Ten Times And Say Yes The Eleventh”- Why We Must Talk About Consent And Sexual Harassment

by Abigail Anaba Discussions on rape and sexual harassment often devolve into verbal fisticuffs. For this reason, some persons choose not get involved in these conversations. Each group digs into their trench refusing to hear the other over the emotionally charged din. Bola (Real name withheld) says she does not[Read More…]

“Don’t Ostracize Them, But Don’t Approve of Their Gay Tendencies” – Inside Lagos’ Gay Colony

by Musa Jibril  Imagine a Lagos middle-class family sitting at the table in the evening, parents and their offspring, having a chat like normal folks and suddenly, the first child of the family confronts them with his secret: “Hey, I am gay.” You can expect a hush to descend on[Read More…]

“The Umbrella Is Wide Enough To Accommodate All Our Views” – Nigerian Women Speak on Feminism and Feminine Choice

by Abigail Anaba In recent years, the debate surrounding women’s movements have gained new momentum. With women’s marches; a proliferation of rape accusations and the #metoo movement pitted against published research claims that women are generally not happier with their quality of life today than they were four decades ago[Read More…]

If We Dragged A Gay Or Transgender Person To Jesus for Judgement Today, What Would Jesus Do?

If we dragged a gay or transgender person to Jesus for judgement today, what would Jesus do? The Impact of Cultural, Traditional and Religious ideas on Fundamental Rights of Sexual Minorities in Nigeria Being a Keynote Address by Chude Jideonwo, chief executive officer of Joy, Inc. at the annual Human Rights,[Read More…]

Being A Lesbian Is Not ‘A Character Flaw’- Queen Latifah

by Zenith Oduah Queen Latifah has said that she doesn’t see being gay or lesbian as a “character flaw”. The 45-year-old former rapper,TV host and actress has never publicly spoken about sexuality but believes society and the black community need to less antiquated. Speaking to Uptown magazine, she said: “People’s[Read More…]

Charly ‘Boy’ Oputa: My Sexuality Has Always Been A Subject Of Scrutiny [MUST READ]

Some say that I am gay; some have called me a fag, crazily some think am a transvestite. Some will swear I’m bisexual, hummmmmm. My Sexuality has always been a subject of great scrutiny and misconception ever since I can remember, and I have had a ball if I say[Read More…]