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Kendall Jenner Is ‘Changing the Face of Fashion’ On Covers Of Dazed

At just 19, American TV personality and model Kendal Jenner seems to be a fashion icon already. The new issue of Dazed magazine testifies to this with three amazing covers of the teenager who is half-sister to the Kardashians. ‘Changing the face of fashion’ is boldly written on all three[Read More…]

Nicki Minaj Is Red-Hot & Sexy In Latest Issue Of V Magazine

Rapper, Nicki Minaj is the star on the December 2014 issue of V Magazine. As always, with Nicki you can expect a very sexy cover. She also speaks to the magazine about her music:  “I always push the envelope, because I’m Nicki Minaj. I have to. No matter who I’m[Read More…]