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Fredrick Nwabufo: Social media could end marriage as we know it

by Fredrick Nwabufo Chioma is having troubles with her mother-in-law. I know because she made it headline news on her social media page. She does not share her concerns with the other party in the nuptial contract or with a trained counsellor, but with aliens on social media who are sweating[Read More…]

The Line between Arranged and Forced Marriages in Northern Nigeria

My cousin is getting married to the love of her life soon. She met him through our grand aunt; his mother was her best friend for many years. My cousin, Hawwah, was reluctant at first; she did not like the idea of arranged marriage and was not ready to give[Read More…]

“A Lot of Cultural Bias Is Demystified” – Nigerian Women Fostering National Unity Through Multicultural Marriages

by Abigail Anaba Senior Correspondent Displayed Image is a file photo of Paul Okoye (Igbo) and Lola Okoye (Yoruba) of the Psquare duo Lagos – Nigeria: Nigeria is a multi-ethnic, multicultural and multilingual society. These fault-lines are further amplified by religious affiliations characterised by a predominantly Christian South and Muslim[Read More…]

Reduce Bride Price So Men Can Marry – Gov. Ortom’s Wife Begs Tor Tiv

Wife of the Benue State Governor, Mrs. Eunice Ortom, has called on traditional rulers in the state to discard all the unnecessary charges that have made marriage too expensive for men. She appealed to Tor Tiv-elect, Prof. James Ayatse, to review bride-prices in Tiv land, to enable young men get[Read More…]

Wife Seeks Divorce From “Jobless” Husband For Deceiving Her He Had A Job Before Marriage

A civil servant, Faith Ogu, on Tuesday, dragged her unemployed husband, Joseph Ogu, to a Jikwoyi Customary Court in Abuja, seeking for divorce on the grounds that he deceived her about his ’employment’ status. Faith told the court that her jobless husband had deceived her into believing he had a[Read More…]

“Where Will I Get A Man To Marry Me” – Woman Breaks Down In Tears Begging Estranged Husband

A 50-year-old trader, Kehinde Adewunmi, on Thursday in Lagos broke down in tears while on her knees begging her estranged husband, Jamiu Adewunmi, not to divorce her. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported that Jamiu Adewunmi had approached the Igando Customary Court, Lagos State for the dissolution of his[Read More…]