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Nigeria’s continuous battle with married women and ‘state of origin’

By Moses Amadi Societies that have evolved ansciousness that does away with outdated ideas of gender, whether those attitudes are religious or historical, concomitantly create other sophisticated concepts that result in social progression. But insistence on rigid gender roles even as the ground beneath our feet is shifting, is one[Read More…]

Ndukwe Ifeanyichukwu Onuoha: Let’s rethink the union, Nigeria is a large country

by Ndukwe Ifeanyichukwu Onuoha Nigeria is a large country. It is unwieldy and, if we are to be honest, a battleground of divergent worldviews. While political correctness may see us mouthing the slogan of strength in numbers or unity in diversity, the reality on ground has shown that we live[Read More…]

Saatah Nubari: The Problem With Nigeria [@Saatah]

What is the trouble with Nigeria? The late Chinua Achebe gave his answer to this question as: “The trouble with Nigeria is simply and squarely a failure of leadership”. The leaders, the elites; these are the new clichés the “elites” and “leaders” themselves give as answers when confronted with the[Read More…]

Pat Utomi: Unreason In A Season Of Emotion

By Pat Utomi Besides being an admirer of a Christian group, Promise Keepers, I hate it whenever I fail to keep a promise. In the heat of the run up to the gubernatorial elections my name was caught in a surreal outpouring of passions regarding remarks by the Oba of[Read More…]

Olajide Omojarabi: When Campus Politics Mirrors A Divided Nation

  The two major entrances into the Samaru campus of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria have long, tiled paths. Flanked by these paths are trees and neatly trimmed flowers barricaded with lawns, dry carved woods hanging loosely from them with stern warning: No lawn crossing. This is to protect the[Read More…]

Okey Ndibe: Towards An Ethnicity Of Values

For me, one of the most disconcerting facts about public discourse in Nigeria—including intellectual exchanges—is the rampant, if not default, deployment of ethnic or religious sentiments. Confronted with issues of moral urgency that demand the taking of principled positions, far too many Nigerians find comfort in embarrassing expediencies shaped by[Read More…]

Abdul-Jabbar Kolo: How Ethnic And Religious Sentiment Govern Nigeria

Since Nigeria’s Independence ethnicity and religion have played a very significant role historically, socially, economically and most glaring of all, politically. It has lead to the genesis of at least 3 successful coup plots the country has come across under 12 different military Heads of State and a civil war.[Read More…]

Fredrick Nwabufo: As Igbo Becomes A Minority Tribe In Nigeria

The Igbo today are groping in a labyrinth of confusion; a labyrinth that they have knitted together out of humongous morsels of selfishness, avarice and ignorance. And as they waltz in the ball of anodyne confusion their status or place in the Nigerian entity magnanimously tapers off. Having said that,[Read More…]