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Just In: U.S Government Relaxes Visa Conditions For Nigerians

Sequel to the international outcries that greeted recent maltreatment of Nigerians in the Diasporas, the Federal Government has successfully secured a relaxed and more humane visa application process for Nigerians, promising to reciprocate the same for Americans who wish to visit the country. In the newly secured visa application process, Nigerians[Read More…]

Reuben Abati: America And The Man-No-Be-Wood Nigerian Lawmakers

By Reuben Abati There has been no shortage of controversy and hair-raising incidents from the 8th National Assembly of Nigeria, but nothing breaks the heart more than the name-them-shame-them letter that has been sent to the Speaker of the House of Representatives by the US Ambassador in which he accused[Read More…]

White House Says Donald Trump’s Anti-Muslim Plan Disqualifies Him From Presidency

The Republican front-runner on Monday released a statement calling for the U.S. to refuse entry of foreign Muslims. His proposal was met with widespread criticism, including from several candidates in his own party, and now White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest says such a statement disqualifies him from serving as[Read More…]

North Korea Calls Knife Attack On US Ambassador ‘Deserved Punishment’ For South Korea Military Exercises

North Korea has hailed the bloody assault on the US ambassador to South Korea this morning as “deserved punishment” carried out by “the knife of justice”. In an inflammatory news piece issued by the official KCNA news agency, North Korea linked the attack on diplomat Mark Lippert to annual US-South[Read More…]

Spurred By Ferguson, Obama Seeks $75m For Police Body cameras

Spurred by the Ferguson, Missouri shooting, President Barack Obama is calling for $75m in federal spending to get 50,000 more police to wear body cameras that record their interactions with civilians. However, Obama is not seeking to pull back federal programs that provide military-style equipment to local law enforcement. The[Read More…]

Tunde Leye: What We Must Do – Part 2

By Tunde Leye The first part of this piece is published HERE The narrative of what it means to be Nigerian must be crafted. It is this narrative that will drive every other thing. Today, even though Ghanaians have their own ethnic fault lines, the contradictions between being of Asante[Read More…]

Tunde Leye: What We Must Do (1)

By Tunde Leye It is important we tell ourselves some truths as a nation and remove our rose tinted glasses. And one of the first truths that a people must come to terms with as a nation is that powerful nations act in their own interest over and above any other stated flowery intentions[Read More…]