Author: Chinedu Ekeke

Chinedu Ekeke: Buhari regime, gasping for air, begging to breathe

Poor Dawisu, who knows how he’s faring now? He’s the latest up the belly of the tiger that is now the President Muhammadu Buhari regime, gasping for air, begging to breathe. Dawisu, whose real name is Salihu Tanko-Yakasai, was secretly abducted by personnel of the Department of State Services (DSS[Read More…]

Chinedu Ekeke: That “nama” may eat grass and drink water

I will spare you the details. Chances are that you already know them. But if the subject is about solving Nigeria’s perennial herder-farmer crises, then it is not in any way complicated. Five years of the President Buhari administration is enough to have shown a path to lasting solution. And[Read More…]