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KWAM1’s son, Abiola accuses Ayankunle Ayanlowo of snatching his girlfriend



The feud between fuji singer King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal and his estranged drummer, Ayankunle Ayanlowo, seems not ending soon as it took another turn.

In a recent video trending, Ayankunle accused his former boss of snatching his girlfriend in Paris.

One of KWAM1’s sons, who was present during Legit’s meeting session with the fuji singer, shed more light on the girlfriend snatching allegation.

KWAM1 called his friend in Paris as a witness while addressing the issue. He dialed his friend, who helped the lady in Paris and put the phone on speaker so all in the room could hear their conversation.

During the call, the fuji singer reminded the friend of a lady he begged to help at the Paris border years ago. The friend confirmed assisting the lady in getting out of trouble and confirmed the singer wasn’t there nor met the lady.

Reacting to renterumours of his dealing with women, the singer noted: “I am not claiming to be a saint but I am not as bad as people have painted me in terms of women. Not that I go for all these women they have accused me of dating. Some of these women even throw themselves at me. I know I am not the worst man in the world.”

At this point, the singer’s son, who had been listening by the side, joined the conversation.

He said he was surprised Ayankunle accused his father of snatching a girlfriend the drummer snatched from him.

According to KWAM1’s son, he was dating the lady in Lagos before travelling abroad. He said he would take the lady to Ayankunle’s house. He did this several times before he travelled.

“The lady in question was my girlfriend. I always took him to Ayankunle’s house. That was how he knew the lady.”

“My dad never met the lady while I was dating her. He didn’t even know about it until this night when we were talking about it. Ayankunle is only trying to call a dog a bad name in other to hang it.”

A baffled KWAM1 said he had never met the lady he was being accused of snatching before. He explained that he had only heard about her when she was arrested at the border in Paris.

The fuji singer stated further that Ayankunle called him on the phone to help him make some calls to those who would help the lady out of trouble.

He claimed he did this and called a friend who went to the border to help her. He even took her home before she proceeded to where she was going.

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