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Frank Edoho berates Moses Bliss for hugging actress Umenwa after she knelt and buzz on social media



Ekene Umenwa, the Nigerian actress, had caused a lot of buzz on social media following her reaction after Moses Bliss, the gospel singer, arrived to perform at her wedding reception. 

Umenwa tied the knot with Ifeanyi Ogbodo Alex, the movie producer, on Saturday.

In now-viral footage, the film star was dancing with her groom when Bliss showed up and began to deliver a surprise performance.

Upon sighting Bliss at the wedding reception, Umenwa, who could not contain her excitement, left her husband and rushed to the gospel singer.

The actress thereafter fell to her knees before Bliss and hugged him — after which Alex claimed her back.

The video has continued to spark controversy on social media platforms.

While some users criticised Umenwa for “outrightly disrespecting” her husband, others argued that she was simply “overjoyed” by Bliss’ presence at the reception.

“People should please stop saying NONSENSE about actress Ekene Umenwa. Don’t scatter the home she’s starting to build,” a user said.

“She didn’t abandon her husband and follow Singer Moses Bliss She’s surprised and happy.

“Women don’t really know how to contain their emotions so, it’s understandable. Please, don’t nail her to the cross.”

“Our lord Jesus Christ that attended someone’s wedding, turned wanted into wine for people to shayo didnt get this kind of treatment from the wife. What is wrong with Actress Ekene Umenwa?” another user asked.

This is absolutely taboo in our land. Actress Ekene umenwa ‘abandons’ her husband, goes on bended knees as singer Moses Bliss surprises her at her wedding ceremony,” a user wrote.

“This lady is not yet ready and I see she can’t sustain this marriage.”

Frank Edoho, the TV personality, has expressed displeasure with how Moses Bliss, the gospel singer, behaved during his performance at the wedding reception of actress Ekene Umenwa.
Umenwa tied the knot with Ifeanyi Ogbodo Alex, the movie producer, on Saturday.

The actress was, however, under fire after a viral video captured her leaving Alex and kneeling before the gospel singer who was at the event to perform.

Umenwa and Bliss thereafter hugged — after which Alex claimed her back.

Reacting to the video via X, Edoho berated the gospel singer for allowing such an intimate hug.

He also argued that “the etiquette” requires that Bliss should not have held the actress but “direct the bride back to her husband and calm her euphoria”.

“I can’t blame the singer for her reaction but he shouldn’t have held her when she latched on to him like that. Direct the bride back to her husband and calm her euphoria. That’s the etiquette,” he wrote.

On Sunday, Alex, Umenwa’s husband, responded to the controversy, saying he “is not complaining”.

He spoke after Deacon Famous, the MC of the event, had argued that Umenwa was not kneeling for Moses “but for the anointing he came with”.

“I was the one who invited Moses Bliss to the wedding to surprise because it was what she wanted. She wanted a worship session for her wedding,” Famous had said.

“She was not kneeling down for Moses, she was kneeling down for the anointing that Moses came with.

“She was kneeling down for the song he got from the spirit. She was kneeling down to pray, to honor God, to honor the grace.

“The husband also went down on his own knees to pray. Ekene was not the only person on her knees, several other people also went on their knees to worship God.”

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