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How to Get Rid of Bad Habits: The Best Apps to Try Today



Harmful habits noticeably worsen the quality of life. Everyone knows it, but getting rid of them isn’t easy. Special apps can help in the fight with yourself. Here are the most useful ones.

Sleeping Well

The quality of sleep directly affects health: good sleep improves immunity and increases efficiency.

Modern apps for smartphones can monitor sleep phases and wake you up in time, record snoring and conversations during sleep, and select sounds for comfortable falling asleep.

Sleep Cycle – Sleep Tracker

The app tracks sleep phases using technology that analyzes sounds and determines when you go from a slow phase to a fast phase. Sleep Cycle will detect the fast phase and wake you up at that time to make waking up easier.

If you need to get up between 7 and 7:30, it will find the best time to wake up. To do this, you need to put your phone with the software turned on next to you on the nightstand or in bed.

In the free version, the app synchronizes with Apple’s “Health” and provides access to sleep statistics. You can customize the alarm time and choose a ringtone.

If you pay for a subscription, it’s possible to check snoring tendencies, measure your heart rate, and evaluate the quality of your sleep over a long period.

TIDE – Sleep & Meditation

This app will help you relax and tune in to a peaceful wave. It will help with insomnia, procrastination, and increased anxiety.

You can turn on the sounds of nature: the noise of the sea, the crackling of a fire, and others, and switch to modes: focus, sleep, slumber, or breathing. There are sleep quality analytics to track conversations and snoring.

A subscription gives you access to more sounds than the free version. There are some unexpected ones, like the noise of a café at midday. You can listen to practices and meditations on various topics if you pay.

Avoiding to Surf the Net a Lot

If you surf YouTube for a minute, two hours fly by. To limit your time online, various apps lock your screen or send you reminders that your scheduled 30 minutes a day are running out.

Screen Time

iPhones have a built-in Screen time feature that is available for free. It shows you the average time you use your phone or jouer aux slots en ligne, sets limits on app usage and even on communicating with certain contacts. You can enable limits on all family devices and set a password for children. In “At Rest” mode, only favorite apps and incoming calls are available.

SPACE: Break Phone Addiction

This app allows you to know your type of smartphone user, track how much time you spend on each app for a week and the last 60 days, and set your own limits. You can turn on Focus time mode to turn off all notifications and focus on other things.

Quitting Smoking

Smoking is one of the most dangerous habits, and it’s hard to break up with without support. Apps can help keep you motivated by telling you how much money you’ve saved on another pack and how your health improves when you’re nicotine-free.


According to the developers, the principle of Kwit is based on the methods of cognitive-behavioral therapy. The user gets a page that displays the number of days without cigarettes or the amount of money that has been saved. The further you go, the more you learn how quitting smoking affects the body. You can also add and track information about nicotine patches and monitor your vape smoking. There will be no ads in the premium version.

Limiting Alcohol

Not everyone is ready to stop drinking alcohol completely, and apps take that into account. Some motivate complete abstinence; some support the desire to control the amount of alcohol in your life.


In this tracker, you can keep a record of all the drinks you’ve had, and the money you’ve spent on them, check your norms against the World Health Organization (WHO), and see the amount of calories you’ve taken in with your drinks.

Premium subscribers can set reminders for themselves, receive statistics and upload them in convenient formats, and choose an app icon.

I Am Sober

The app is rather designed for those who want to lead a completely sober life – not only without alcohol but, for example, without caffeine or pills. A counter marks the number of seconds, minutes, and days of sobriety.

You can set promises to yourself to increase motivation, get community support, analyze triggers, and keep track of your withdrawal (withdrawal, withdrawal syndrome) schedule.

Subscribing to Sober Plus allows you to create a group to track your results with others and increases the security of your data.

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