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NAFDAC: Full List of Banned Pesticides in Nigeria



The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has banned the pesticide below in Nigeria.

If you are a farmer or a personal user considering using a pesticide for your home, you may want to stay away from the listed products below:

List of Banned Pesticides in Nigeria


  1. Aldrin, Insecticide
  2. Binapacryl, Fungicide
  3. Captafol, Fungicide
  4. Chlordane, Insecticide
  5. Chlordimeform, Insecticide
  6. DDT, Insecticide
  7. Dieldrin, Insecticide
  8. Dinoseb & Dinoseb Salts, Herbicide
  9. Heptachlor, Herbicide
  10. Lindane, Insecticide
  11. Ethylene, Dichloride
  12. Parathion, Insecticide
  13. Methyl Parathion, Insecticide
  14. Phosphamidon, Insecticide
  15. Monocroptophos Insecticide
  16. Methamidophos Insecticide
  17. Chlorobenzilate Insecticide
  18. Toxaphene Insecticide, insecticide
  19. Pentachlorophenol herbicide
  20. Ethylene Oxide Funigant, Disinfectant
  21. HCF (Mixed Isomers)/BHC Insecticide
  22. EDB (1,2-Dibromoethene) Fumigant
  23. 2,4,5 Trichlorophenoxy Acetic Acid Herbicide
  24. Endrin Insecticide
  25. Mirex Insecticide
  26. Ethylene Dibromide
  27. Hexachlorobenzene Fungicide
  28. Endosulphan Acaricide, Insecticide
  29. Delta HCH Agricultural Insecticide
  30. Flouracetamide, Rodenticide
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