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The Ten (10) Least Potent Military Forces in Africa



In the dynamic landscape of global military prowess, delving into Africa’s weakest armed forces of 2023 provides valuable insights into the factors that shape their standings.

With a keen eye on maintaining respect for national heritage, culture, and sovereignty, these rankings are examined with a focus on the Global Firepower Index (GFP), a renowned authority on the military capabilities of nations worldwide.

This compilation aims to shed light on the diverse military challenges faced by several African nations, encompassing elements like funding, equipment, training, and overall readiness.

US Special Ops soldietrs train Botswana Defence Force [Africa-Press]

(10) Botswana: Botswana’s military strategy gravitates towards internal stability and contributing to regional peacekeeping efforts. While boasting a modest military size, its capabilities remain relatively humble.

Senegalese soldiers [Modern War Institute]

(9) Senegal: Relative stability characterizes Senegal’s military forces in comparison to its counterparts on this list. Nevertheless, grappling with a range of security threats in the region presents an ongoing challenge.

Madagascar Army holds parade for 62nd indepencence celebration [Global Times]

(8) Madagascar: Historically characterized by modest military forces, Madagascar contends with challenges in terms of funding and equipment. Diplomacy and international collaboration are of higher priority than military expansion.

(7) Gabon: Gabon maintains a relatively compact and less extensively developed military, largely due to its stable political environment. Emphasis is placed on internal security over scale.

Mauritus and Saudi Arabia have a military cooperation agreement [Arab Weekly]

(6) Mauritania: Resource constraints impact Mauritania’s military prowess as it wrestles with internal security concerns such as countering terrorism and cross-border risks.

Central African Republic Army [The New Humanitarian]

(5) Central African Republic (CAR): Recurring conflicts and political instability have cast shadows over the Central African Republic’s military development, influencing the country’s standing.

(4) Sierra Leone: Emerging from a devastating civil war, Sierra Leone’s military is in the process of rebuilding. Resource limitations hinder equipment maintenance and training efforts.

Liberia military undergoing training [DVIDS]

(3) Liberia: Liberia’s military journey has been marred by training, equipment, and funding issues. The nation’s post-conflict reconstruction efforts have strained military progress.

Somali National Army [War on the Rocks]

(2) Somalia: Internal instability and conflicts have hampered Somalia’s military effectiveness. The nation’s history of clan-based militias presents obstacles in forging a united national force.

(1) Benin: Benin’s military might stands as relatively modest, affected by limited funding. Emphasizing internal security and peacekeeping endeavors over a large standing army, the nation shapes its military strategy distinctively.

In sum, this comprehensive exploration of Africa’s weakest military forces in 2023 unveils a nuanced understanding of their standing, underscored by factors ranging from internal stability to geopolitical dynamics.

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