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Tragic Tale of a Mother’s Demise: Woman Allegedly Killed by Husband in Front of Daughter in Lagos



In a heart-wrenching incident that has left a family shattered, the life of a 30-year-old woman, Rafiat Okewole, was tragically cut short, allegedly at the hands of her own husband, Wole.

Rafiat, who was living separately from her husband on Odelusi Street in the Ijoko area of Ota, Ogun State, met her untimely demise during a heated disagreement. The confrontation unfolded on a fateful Sunday when she visited her husband in the Gas Line area of Ijoko to seek financial support for the well-being of their children.

Punch Newspaper Reports reveal that Rafiat had been embroiled in an ongoing dispute with her husband, stemming from his alleged neglect of their children’s welfare. The situation escalated tragically when Wole purportedly slammed Rafiat’s head against a wall during her visit, resulting in her fatal injuries.

Neighbours rushed to her aid after the incident, but their efforts proved futile as Rafiat succumbed to her injuries at a nearby hospital where she was rushed for medical attention. Following the grim event, her husband, a 41-year-old businessman, was apprehended by the authorities after Rafiat’s sibling reported the incident to the police.

The harrowing incident unfolded in the presence of Rafiat’s daughter, who accompanied her to Wole’s residence. Her daughter reportedly recounted the traumatic event to concerned neighbours, describing how her father had forcefully struck her mother’s head against the wall.

Devastated by the tragic loss, Rafiat’s family is grappling with the shock and pain of her sudden death. Her brother, Akinola Shittu, expressed his grief and disbelief over the unfortunate turn of events, sharing that her brother who lived nearby played a crucial role in reporting the case to the Sango Police Station, ultimately leading to Wole’s arrest.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Omolola Odutola, confirmed the incident, revealing that the suspect, Wole, was taken into police custody. The police investigation is ongoing, and detectives have visited the scene of the tragedy, capturing photographs for further examination. The deceased’s body was transported to the mortuary for a post-mortem examination to shed light on the exact circumstances surrounding her heartbreaking passing.

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