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Justice Bulkachuwa breaks silence after her husband fingered her, suggesting she favours Senators



Zainab Bulkachuwa, former president of the court of appeal, says she never compromised her office on partisan grounds. 

Bulkachuwa was reacting to recent comments by Adamu Bulkachuwa, her husband.

While speaking at the 9th senate valedictory session on June 10, Bulkachuwa said he often encroached on his wife’s space while she was in office.

“And she has been very tolerant and accepted my encroachment and extended her help to my colleagues,” the former senator said.

Bulkachuwa’s comments sparked outrage, with many Nigerians calling for investigations into his claim.

But speaking with BBC Hausa, the former senator retracted his statement, saying Ahmad Lawan, the then senate president, did not allow him to finish his thoughts.

He said the help he spoke about was not in a negative sense.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the retired judge said she never compromised her oath of office in 40 years in service.

She said her decisions were always premised on facts. 

“My attention has been drawn to the trending video of what was said by my husband Senator Adamu M. Bulkachuwa,” the statement reads. 

“I want to state categorically that I never at any time compromised my oath of office to favour any party who appeared before me throughout my judicial career spanning 40 years of service to my country.

“My decisions were always based on the facts, the law and in accordance with my conscience and oath of office.”

She added that former “justices of the court can attest to the fact that I never interfered with the independence of any of the justices of the court in the discharge of their judicial functions”.

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