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Tinubu to Nigerians: I will live up to expectation



The President-Elect, Senator Bola Tinubu, has promised to live up to the expectations of Nigerians by addressing all the challenges confronting the country.

Tinubu said this on Sunday during the Presidential Inauguration Banquet and Gala Night held at the State House Conference Centre in Abuja.

The president- elect said that poverty, and inconsistency in policies were some of the many challenges confronting the nation.

He assured that none of these would be an excuse for non performance by his administration, saying there would not be excuses for failure.

“Resilience, determination, courage, love in diversity, though our tongues and tribes differ.

“By tomorrow afternoon, my predecessor will be heading to Daura on the border with Niger but I have told him not to worry as he will still get a knock on his door.

“No matter how short a man is, he will see the sky. I will still be able to find him when I need his help,” he said.

On the resilient nature of Nigerians, the president-elect said that here was a country that had stumbled a number of times, but had never faltered.

“We can be squeaky like old mama’s car, but we will never break apart. We are just a unique country.

“We must fight corruption, poverty, inconsistencies in policies and many other problems confronting us, but don’t pity me, I asked for the job, I campaigned for it, no excuses, I will live up to the bill to  deliver. I promise you,” he said.

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