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Defining moments that characterised Buhari’s administration and their impact on Nigeria’s present and future



Since assuming office in 2015, President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has navigated a complex landscape of challenges and opportunities in Nigeria.

From economic reforms and security crises to political developments and social movements, the Buhari administration’s tenure has been marked by a series of major events that have shaped the nation’s trajectory.

In this long read, we delve into the defining moments that have characterized Buhari’s administration and their impact on Nigeria’s present and future.

1. Economic Reforms and Anti-Corruption Drive

One of the key pillars of President Buhari’s campaign was the fight against corruption and revitalising Nigeria’s economy.

His administration initiated significant economic reforms, including implementing the Treasury Single Account (TSA) system, which consolidated government funds, and establishing the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP).

These measures aimed to foster transparency, reduce corruption, and diversify Nigeria’s economy beyond oil.

2. Security Challenges: Boko Haram and Beyond

Buhari inherited a nation grappling with the persistent threat of Boko Haram, an Islamist extremist group that had ravaged Nigeria’s northeast region for years.

His administration launched a sustained military offensive against the group, leading to significant territorial losses and the rescue of kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls.

However, Boko Haram’s evolving tactics and the emergence of other security challenges, such as banditry and herder-farmer clashes, continued to test the government’s resolve.

3. Presidential Elections and Democratic Transitions

The 2015 and 2019 presidential elections were critical milestones in Nigeria’s democratic journey. Buhari’s victory in 2015 marked the first time an incumbent president was defeated through the ballot box. The subsequent 2019 re-election solidified his position, albeit amidst controversy surrounding the credibility of the electoral process. These elections underscored the vibrancy of Nigeria’s democracy, while also highlighting the need for ongoing electoral reforms.

4. Social Movements and Civic Activism

Buhari’s administration witnessed the rise of several influential social movements and civic activism.

But the most prominent is the #EndSARS protests in 2020, sparked by police brutality and demanded comprehensive police reforms, highlighted the power of Nigerian youth in shaping the national discourse.

6. Ethnoreligious Tensions and National Unity

Nigeria’s diverse ethnic and religious composition has often been a source of strength and tension.

Buhari’s administration faced significant challenges maintaining national unity amidst rising ethno-religious tensions.

The clashes between farmers and herders, secessionist movements in the southeast and renewed calls for restructuring tested the government’s ability to foster inclusivity and address long-standing grievances.

President Buhari’s administration has navigated a myriad of challenges during its tenure, working to address economic vulnerabilities, tackle security threats, and promote national unity.

While progress has been made in certain areas, ongoing concerns remain regarding corruption, economic inequality, and political reforms.

The next steps for subsequent administrations will be crucial in addressing these issues and steering the nation toward sustainable development and inclusive governance.

As Nigeria continues to evolve, reflecting on the lessons learned from the major events that have defined Buhari’s administration is imperative.

By acknowledging the successes, recognizing the challenges, and engaging in constructive dialogue, Nigeria can pave the way for a brighter future that fosters socio-economic progress, political stability, and a more inclusive society.


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