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The rivalry between Davido and Burnaboy and how it all started – here’s what we know



Davido and Burna Boy are both Nigerian music artists who have had a long-standing rivalry that has resulted in a few publicized incidents. Here is a brief timeline of how it all started:

  1. In 2018, Burna Boy accused Davido of copying his music style and claimed that Davido and his team always surround themselves with writers and producers to make hits. Davido responded by saying that he writes his own music and that he is not bothered by Burna Boy’s comments.
  2. In 2019, Burna Boy and Davido were both featured on a song titled “Bring It On” by Ghanaian artist, Stonebwoy. There were reports that Burna Boy refused to show up for the music video shoot, which led to tension between him and Davido.
  3. In December 2019, Burna Boy took to his Twitter account to declare himself the best African artist after Fela Kuti and said that nobody paved the way for him in the industry. Davido then tweeted that he and his colleagues had actually paved the way for Burna Boy and that he should show some respect.
  4. In January 2020, there was a reported physical altercation between Davido and Burna Boy at a nightclub in Ghana. It was alleged that Burna Boy and his team had confronted Davido and his team, leading to a scuffle. Davido later tweeted that he had left the club to avoid further trouble.
  5. In November 2020, Burna Boy released his album “Twice as Tall” and received a Grammy nomination for the album. Davido congratulated him on social media, but there were reports that Burna Boy felt Davido was insincere with his congratulations.
  6. In May 2021, Burna Boy and Davido were reportedly involved in another altercation at a nightclub in Ghana. The details of the incident are not clear, but there were reports that bottles were thrown and that the two artists had to be separated by security.

In summary, the beef between Davido and Burna Boy started with accusations of music style theft, and has escalated over the years with publicized incidents and social media jabs.

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