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‘PLEASE HELP SAVE MY DAUGHTER’ – Father Pleads as Daughter Is in Need of Life-Saving Bone Marrow Transplant



Last year June, I got the shocker of my life when my daughter was diagnosed with sickle cell disease. To us, this is an unimaginable reality, as I have earlier done genotype tests twice before marriage

I was diagnosed as AA on both occasions.

How can my daughter be SS? This question drove us crazy. Unfortunately, I was misdiagnosed as AA instead of AS on both occasions. My family was thrown into confusion and trauma due to the negligence of some medical practitioners.

My wife and I had to separate until we were told about chorionic villus sampling (CVS), also known as prenatal diagnosis. This is expensive and has its risks, an option we had no choice but to embrace rather than separating.

However, I have been looking for permanent solutions for my daughter. Living with sickle cell anaemia is extremely tough. One of the worst things that can happen to a parent is seeing your child in excruciating pain and not being able to help or do anything to relieve their pain or in the worst-case scenario, experience the death of your own child!

The only known cure for sickle cell disease is Bone Marrow Transplant. Since I learned of this, I have been saving up to help save my daughter. Unfortunately, I am still far off the required cost.

This is why I am appealing to the public to come to my aid and support my daughter in her Bone Marrow Transplant journey.

I am giving my all to save this child, and I will be putting my life on hold to ensure this comes to reality.

Please kindly support and donate as willing as you can afford. God bless you as you do


I will really appreciate it if you would share or donate to this GoFundMe [],


Account Details:

Bello Fatai Tope


GT Bank

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