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Hottest States in Nigeria Based on Average Temperature (2023)



States in the Northern part of Nigeria are well known for their hot temperature. Nigeria’s climate features two major seasons: the rainy and dry seasons.

In the north, the rain only falls from June to September in the range of 500 mm to 750 mm. The rest of the year is hot and dry. Northern areas have a high degree of annual variation in its rainfall regime, which results in flooding and droughts.

Dry season is between October to April mean annual temperature for Nigeria is 26.9°C , with average monthly temperatures ranging between 24°C (December, January) and 30°C (April). Mean annual precipitation is 1,165.0 mm.

Here are the hottest states in Nigeria based on their average temperature;

Adamawa state – 30.81ºC

The average yearly temperature in Adamawa is 30.81ºC (87.46ºF) and it is 1.35% higher than Nigeria’s average.

Sokoto – 28.3 °C

With an annual average temperature of 28.3 °C (82.9 °F), Sokoto is one of the hottest cities in Nigeria, however, the maximum daytime temperatures are generally under 40 °C (104.0 °F) most of the year, and the dryness makes the heat bearable.

Borno – 32.53ºC

The yearly temperature in Borno is 32.53ºC (90.55ºF), and it is 3.07% higher than Nigeria’s averages.

Kano – 38.8ºC

Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 53°F to 102°F (38.8ºC) and is rarely below 48°F or above 106°F.

Zamfara – 30.22ºC

Adamawa state’s yearly temperature is 30.22ºC (86.4ºF), and it is 0.76% higher than Nigeria’s averages.

Katsina – 30.89ºC

Katsina state’s average yearly temperature is 30.89ºC (87.6ºF) and it is 1.43% higher than Nigeria’s averages.

Gombe – 30.54ºC

Gombe state yearly temperature is 30.54ºC (86.97ºF) and it is 1.08% higher than Nigeria’s averages.

Jigawa – 31.23ºC

Jigawa state’s yearly temperature is 31.23ºC (88.21ºF) and it is 1.77% higher than Nigeria’s averages.

Bauchi – 28.97ºC

Bauchi state’s yearly temperature is 28.97ºC (84.15ºF) and it is -0.49% lower than Nigeria’s averages.

Kebbi – 31.26ºC

Kebbi state’s yearly temperature is 31.26ºC (88.27ºF) and it is 1.8% higher than Nigeria’s averages.


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