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Bring Your Digital Vision To Life With Duowork



It can’t be over-emphasised how technologically advanced the time we’re living in is. The scope of interactions and business has changed dynamically, and businesses are relevant as their presence on the internet.

Today businesses run their operations and offer products that scale over the internet. Two decades ago, only top companies and a few indie hackers could run their businesses online.

The technical expertise and means weren’t as democratised as it is today. That means starting a SaaS or online business isn’t as difficult as it used to be.

Anybody with a digital idea and the means (technical expertise or funds) to do so can transform their idea into reality.

However, not everybody is a software developer, product designer and possesses expert knowledge on how to train and guide businesses to achieve optimum productivity and success.

We can bring your vision to life.

Duowork was birthed to transform digital ideas and visions into reality through innovative custom software solutions.

As the brainchild of a software developer (Romeo Peter) and a product designer (Isaac Olugbenga), the development company is a joint force of common interest and commitment to building efficient and scalable products for businesses and niche markets.

  • Our Mission:
    Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and businesses by building, managing and scaling their digital ideas through innovative custom software solutions.
    We will do this by seeing our clients as partners and engaging them in the entire process of our solutions and working with an exceptional team of professionals.
    We are also on a mission to build in-house high-quality products and services for niche markets as we believe these sub-markets are the foundation of a nation’s economy.
  • Our Vision:
    Our vision is to be a leading custom software development company. We will achieve this vision in a number of ways:
    • Providing the right thought process and a conducive environment for our team.
    • Being flexible and delivering creative solutions to and beyond the expectations of our clients. 
    • Providing quality customer care to our clients
  • Our Core Values:
    At Duowork, we value and uphold integrity, honesty, open-mindedness, innovation, team-playing, and problem-solving both in our personal and professional lives. We believe these qualities to be what makes a good Duoler.
  • Our Services:
    We offer tailored software development and consulting services which include Product design, mobile application development, web application development, Business automation and software consulting.


At Duowork, Our product designers think about the user, not just the beautiful design; the developers think about the behaviour and domain, not just the code, and our product managers focus on the overall return of your product, not just completing the sprints.


As a software services company, we like to see ourselves as a bridge for helping entrepreneurs and businesses cross into the reality of their digital ideas and vision. Reach us today to be that bridge for you.

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