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Ambassador opportunity created for 250 lecturers through Pan African Job Centres



King Charles N. Lambert of the Black Wall Street (BWS), who is the Creator of Compassionate Capitalism, has announced an ambassadorial opportunity for University Lecturers in Africa through the Pan African Job Centers he said would provide 300 million job opportunities for African youths.

According to an audio statement by King Lambert, the Opportunity for University Lecturers through Pan African Job Centers will add a $50,000 yearly salary to participants’ current incomes as lecturers in a university, plus countless bonuses, incentives, and global media exposure.

The part-time job opportunity, which he noted will make the lecturers work as consultants and ambassadors, will take a minimum of 20 working hours per week.

Explaining why the choice of lecturers, he said; “We have designed this all-important Pan African Job Centers Ambassador opportunity for university lecturers because the movement is highly academic and unfortunately Africa is full of illiterates, people who are only educated on a piece of paper but the minds are not educated.

“So we need people who are supposedly more educated, whose minds are educated, and who have the understanding, discipline, wisdom, and general know-how on what it will take to destroy the over 60-70% unemployment across all of Africa”.

Explaining further, King Lambert stated that the role of the ambassadors will be to make Africans understand what Pan African Job Center is all about in different locations. And there are thirteen thousand centres in Africa already and these thirteen thousand locations will serve a hundred thousand Africans.

The lecturers will serve as representatives of the Pan African Job Centers.

Only two hundred and fifty ambassadors will be recruited, and each ambassador will manage 40 locations at each centre and oversee every activity of the Pan African Job Center and will be working with 500 project managers to build out the facilities under them.

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