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Helpful Tips on How to Stop Gambling



It might be challenging to control a gambling addiction. Today, many young people in Nigeria struggle with gambling addiction and related difficulties.

Consider these helpful tips if you or a loved one needs assistance avoiding gambling:

1. Admit you have the problem

Something that you don’t understand can’t be fixed. You must educate yourself on the subject and accept that you have a gambling addiction to stop gambling from your life.

A mental health illnesses like addictions brought on by alcohol and drugs, gambling is also a problem. If you experience any of the following, you may have a gambling disorder:

  • The wealthy must wager more money in their games of chance.
  • Feelings of agitation or restlessness when not gambling
  • made numerous attempts to stop gambling, all in vain.
  • You’ve become utterly fixated on gambling.
  • You were caught lying to friends, coworkers, and loved ones about your gambling to manage your stress.
  • strained or broken relationships due to gambling
  • required financial assistance

When you examine the signs of a gambling disorder, be sincere with yourself. For even better insight, ask a loved one what they think of your gambling. Stop rejecting it and start realizing how detrimental gambling is to your life.

2. Ignore Temptation

Gambling is a temptation, but realizing it is an addiction allows you to employ relapse prevention and recovery techniques. A person in recovery can prevent a setback by avoiding persons, places, and gambling-related activities. You can prevent the ideas and emotions that favour gambling by staying away from these triggers.

So, if passing a betting shop makes you want to gamble, find another route. Consider watching something different if participating in sports causes you to feel the want to wager. Discard your credit cards, and give your spouse control of the chequebook.

3. Procrastination

Cravings are a common feature of addictions. Strong drives to carry out the desired behaviour are known as cravings. As a gambler, you could experience urges to call your bookie, visit a casino, cash your paycheck, or engage in other gambling-related behaviours.

When you are experiencing a severe craving, it seems like it will never end. Despite this, it won’t. Every craving has a start, middle, and end. 

Paying attention to your cravings—what they feel like, what you think about while you have them, and how long they often last—is a great strategy to deal with this problem. Studying the craving helps you start to break its hold on you.

Once you know the circumstance, you might list ideas or behaviours that will keep you from gambling. Perhaps the easiest method to put off gambling is to take a big breath or phone a buddy when an urge strikes.

4. Find Alternatives to Gambling

While avoiding triggers and distracting yourself during cravings are excellent methods to deal with gambling, finding healthier substitutes will help you feel better overall. You can change the focus from negative to positive by substituting healthy gambling behaviours.

Alternatives to gambling include:

  • Meditation
  • Travelling
  • Physical activity (e.g., going for walks, weightlifting, swimming)
  • Spending more time with friends and family who do not gamble
  • Volunteering 
  • Exploring new hobbies (like learning a new language)

Just consider the enjoyable, advantageous options you can investigate with the extra funds you have from avoiding gaming.

5. Seek Help From Professionals

Consider getting professional gambling addiction help as soon as possible if your issue is serious. The choice between living in financial stability or uncertainty may depend on receiving professional treatment from a mental health or addiction specialist.

Professional treatment techniques can help you improve your skills while teaching you how to avoid gambling. Your reluctance is the only thing stopping you since trained counsellors and therapists are freely accessible. Participating in a support group while seeking professional assistance is possible.


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