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Most expensive pets in the world — One unbelievably costs $70m



Pets are nature creatures that brings joy when brought home. We tend to have a connection we cannot just explain. But some people take it a step further by spending a chunk of cash to acquire their favorite pet. A couple on our list spent about $155,000 to clone their dead dog.

Here is a list of the most expensive pets in the world.

5. White Lion Cubs – $140,000

White Lion Cubs are rare because the mating female and the male must both possess the recessive gene in order to produce a white lion cub. The likelihood of both lions having this gene is extremely uncommon, which is why these pale-coloured lions are so special.

Since these cubs are so rare, they will often cost around $140,000 to buy.

4. Labrador Dog – $155,000

A couple Edgar and Nina Otto, couldn’t bare to live without their beloved yellow Labrador, so when he died of cancer they put a fortune into bringing him back.

The process began in 2008, when their 11-year-old dog was diagnosed with, and then died due to, cancer.

Lancelot Encore was the first commercially cloned pet and his owners paid $155,000 for the servi

3. Miss Missy – Cow – $1.2 Million

Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy popularly known as Miss Missy is a Holstein with all the normal requisites of a good cow – a flawless pedigree and magnificent genetics.

When she sold at auction, the milk cow generated up to $3.23-million in presigned contracts.

2. Tibetan Mastiff – $2 million

PHOTO: GettyImages

During the heyday of China’s Tibetan mastiff craze, the dogs were viewed as prized status symbols among the country’s elite due to their rarity and pure bloodline.

In 2014, a wealthy Chinese businessman reportedly paid about $2 million for a 200-pound Tibetan mastiff at a “luxury pet” fair.

1. Thoroughbred Racehorse – $70 million

PHOTO Credit: Barbara D. Livingston

A thoroughbred racehorse, Fusaichi Pegasus was purchased for $4 million but after winning the Kentucky derby, it was sold for $70 million in 2000.

Although now retired, its popular offspring, Ruler On Ice, won the Belmont Stakes in 2011

10. Micro Pig – $2,000

9. Chimpanzee – $60,000

8. Savannah Cat – $20,000

7. Stag Beetle – $89,000

6. Arabian Horse – $100,000


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