“My wife and unborn baby were murdered by the negligence of doctors” – Bereaved Husband calls out Port Harcourt hospital

A bereaved husband has accused medics at a Port Harcourt hospital of killing his pregnant wife and their unborn baby.

Johnny De Goodman took to his facebok where he explained that he took his wife to the hospital on November 6 to have their baby, and the doctor told him his wife was 5cm dilated and needed her to be dilated 10cm before she would be taken to the delivery room.

By the morning of November 7, he said the doctor informed him that the baby was in distress and had defecated in the womb, and there would be complications if surgery was not conducted.

He explained that he and his wife signed off on surgery, but an hour after, his wife had not been wheeled in for surgery.

When asked, he said the doctor told him that other medics who needed to be present for the surgery were not around.

By 6 am, he said he saw the doctor signing over to another doctor, and when he inquired, the doctor told him his shift was over. The doctor also said to him that his wife might not need surgery.
His wife was finally taken in for surgery by 8:30 am, more than three hours after the previous doctor said she needed surgery urgently.

By 11 am, he said he was informed that his wife’s heart stopped beating after they gave her drugs in preparation for the surgery.

He blamed his wife and baby’s death on the doctors’ “carelessness, negligence, and wickedness”.

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