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Top 10 Most Expensive Male Handmade Shoes 2023- One Will Buy You A Ford Mustang



By Balogun Kamilu Lekan

Although shoes are necessary and one of the primary requirements these days, many people love shoes and are willing to spend any amount for the shoes they want.

One can see the list of expensive shoes proving that the love of shoes is more important than money. 

Below is a list of the top most expensive handmade shoes:

10. Edward Green – $ 1,075

These shoes have an excellent finish and beautiful style, making them popular among brand lovers. It offers great comfort and is much different from machine-made items.

Unlike renowned brands, they are not readily available on the market due to their cost and production time.

9. Martin Dingman -$1195

Even though this brand is known for several accessories for men, their handmade shoes display great style and elegance. 

8. Tanino Crisci : Price – $1250

Tanino Crisci is a brand that offers handcrafted shoes with unique designs and styles. The brand targets individuals who prioritize style and quality in their footwear choices.

7. John Lobb –  $1280

These shoes are renowned for their fashionable and sophisticated appearance, which brand aficionados can only comprehend. It’s difficult to determine if they were crafted by hand or machine, as the hand-crafting process has been flawlessly executed.

6. New and Lingwood – $1500

This well-known Russian brand specializes in crafting handmade shoes that are made from high-quality calf leather. The brand’s reputation stems from its commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and its unique approach to shoemaking, which sets it apart from traditional methods. As a result, it has become a favourite among fashion lovers who appreciate quality and style.

5. Berluti Handmade Shoes – $1830

In the realm of handcrafted shoes, just the name Berluti conveys the worth of the shoe. The pair of shoes, renowned for their elegance and exceptional comfort, may be purchased from their fashion house using a pre-booked order.

4. Stefano Bemer Shoes – $2,000

Since they are linked to a brand like Gucci, the brand name alone suffices. Camel leather was used to make these shoes. One pair of them takes about three months to complete.

3. Aubercy Diamond Studded Shoes – $4,500

These shoes are renowned for having a diamond fitting near the tip, and the price is the same regardless of the fitting and diamond count. The size and diamond setting determine the cost.

2. Louis Vuitton Men’s Shoes – $10,000

The highest craftsmanship of artisans famed for their handmade shoes went into the creation of these alligator leather shoes. It is well known for providing wearers with comfort.

1. Men’s Dress Shoes- From the House of Testoni – $30,000

These gorgeous goatskin shoes have a diamond and a gold buckle to give them a luxurious appearance. The weightlessness and water resistance of the shoes are their well-known characteristics.


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