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Sri Lankans consumed 215m litres of alcohol in 2021, says  stakeholder



The Vice-President of the National Drug Prevention Operations Unit of Sri Lanka, Nalin Amarasinghe ,on Wednesday said  that Sri Lankans consumed 215 million litres of alcohol in 2021.

Amarasinghe, at an event to mark  the International Temperance Day, which was observed on Monday said Sri Lankans had consumed 120 million litres of alcohol from January to July this year.

He said the consumption of alcohol had dropped in recent months due to an increase in liquor prices.

According to the VP, Sri Lanka spends close to 100 billion rupees (274 million U.S. dollars) treating those with alcohol and tobacco-related diseases each year.

“We have to also consider the loss of productivity and the impact drunkenness has on families and society.

“Sri Lanka can boost productivity and uplift the standard of living, if we can reduce alcohol consumed.’’

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