Top 5 Most Expensive Gins in the World — Total Cost is Enough to Start a NightClub

By Balogun Kamilu Lekan

Gin is a highly well-liked spirit throughout the world. Gin has developed into an indispensable component in many mixed drinks and well-known cocktails since it was first created in the 17th century for medicinal purposes.

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Gin lovers don’t frequently spend much money on their preferred brand. This is because gin can frequently be manufactured rapidly using a few inexpensive components.

Below is a glimpse of some of the world’s most exotic gins.

5. Cambridge Anty Gin – $365

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The legendary Cambridge Distillery produces this gin. It is the first gin ever manufactured using insect extract, derived from the essence of 62 wood ants and hand-harvested botanicals. 

To make a genuinely distinctive drink, the juniper, wildwood avens, and nettle flavours are tempered with the insect’s woody overtones. Anty Gin costs $365 for a 700ml bottle.

4. Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut – $460

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The German gin contains unique botanical ingredients, which give it an unorthodox style and flavour. 

The recent variant of the Monkey’s 47 Distiller’s Cut was fermented in unique Japanese Mizunara casks and contained flavours of coconut and sandalwood.

Monkey’s 47 Distiller Cut is extremely expensive and costs $460 per bottle.

3 Nolet’s Reserve Modern Gin – $1,200

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Carolus Nolet, the distillery’s 10th generation owner, developed Nolet’s Reserve Modern Gin and marketed it as a fine sipping gin due to its rich characteristics, making it best drunk neat.

Saffron overtones are used in this very pricey and special gin to enhance flavour and taste. 

The amazing Nolet’s Reserve Modern Gin retails for $1,200 per bottle, ranking it third among the most expensive gins in the world.

2. Cambridge Distillery Watenshi Gin – $3,700

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This is a Japanese-inspired gin produced in England. 

The distillery turns the mist that ordinarily evaporates during the production of gin into Watenshi Gin by using their special distillation procedure. 

Only 15ml of gin may be obtained after distilling this technique, which is rather complex. In a distillation run, just six gin bottles are produced, and a bottle of the exclusive Watenshi Gin costs $3,700.

1. Jam Jar Gin Morus LXIV – $7,400

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The Jar Jar is made by distilling leaves of one single, ancient Mulberry tree and takes over two years to produce. Because of the rarest components, the English gin is made in tiny batches.

One bottle of the Jam Jar Gin is valued at $7,400. It is stored in a white, hand-made porcelain jar with a matching stirrup cup for tasting. It has a fine leather hide that is hand-embossed.

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