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Earthquake in China kills 46 as over 50 injured



The death toll from an earthquake in south-west China’s Sichuan province has risen to 46.

In addition, more than 50 people are injured and 16 are still missing, the People’s Daily newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The Luding area some 200 kilometres of the provincial capital Chengdu was the hardest hit in the Monday 6.8-magnitude quake.

The earthquake destroyed homes and caused landslides.

Many streets were still blocked off on Tuesday, just as electricity, water supply, and communications were disrupted.

A large-scale search and rescue operation is under way with thousands helping with recovery efforts.

The authorities also mobilised the military to assist.

There were several aftershocks, with the strongest measured at a magnitude of 4.2.

Communication with the outside world was disrupted for 35,000 households, the People’s Daily reported.

More than 40,000 people lost their electricity supply.

Recovery workers were supported by helicopters and drones searching from the air.

Heavy equipment was also being used to clear affected areas.

China’s Finance Ministry and the Sichuan government have each provided 50 million Yuan (around 7.2 million dollars) in financial aid, according to tate media.

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