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Any Christian who votes for Tinubu after 7 years of Christian persecution in Nigeria is a fool – Femi Aribisala @femiaribisala



Nigerian Pastor and international Affairs Expert Femi Aribisala has said that the All Progressives Congress, APC, Presidential candidate Bola Ahmed Tinubu is “too arrogant and contemptuous of Christians”. 

Aribisala, in his tweet Thursday, said, Tinubu “is convinced he can win the election in 2023 without Christians. He cannot”, he added.

Aribisala, a famous columnist and critic, stated, “Any Christian who votes for Tinubu after seven years of Christian persecution in Northern Nigeria is a fool”. 

“No Christian should vote for Tinubu”,. Aribisala continued. 

 Christians are often particular targets because of their faith. Nigeria is number seven on the Open Doors World Watch List, and more Christians are killed for their faith in Nigeria than the rest of the world combined. As one example, at least 20 people were killed or injured in an attack by ISWAP in mid-April. They targeted a market in Iware, Taraba State, because it was ‘a gathering of infidel Christians’. A week earlier, Fulani militants attacked 10 communities in Plateau State, killing more than 150 people.

“Nigeria is currently one of the scariest places to be a Christian,” says Illia Djadi, an Open Doors analyst for sub-Saharan Africa. “The country has witnessed an explosion of violence in recent months. Attacks are happening almost on a daily basis. And what is happening in Nigeria is a sad illustration of what is happening across West Africa – the agenda, and the process and model of persecution, are being implemented elsewhere with impunity.”

Before now, NewsWireNGR recall, he alleged that former Governor of Lagos state, Bola Tinubu allegedly committed perjury with claims of schools he reportedly said he attended. 

But in the post on Thursday, July 14th 2022, he noted, “If according to Tinubu’sTinubu’s distorted calculus” he wrote,” a Northern Christian will not be voted for by Northern Muslims, then Tinubu needs to be told that Southern Christians will not vote for Muslim Tinubu.”

According to the Pastor, “Tinubu is APC, and Buhari is APC. A Tinubu presidency after Buhari will be a continuation of 8 years of the worst government in the history of Nigeria. It is not Tinubu’s turn, but Nigeria’sNigeria’s turn”.

Controversy continues to trail Bola Tinubu’s decision to opt for a Northern Muslim as his Vice Presidential candidate in a country with an equal and almost more Christian population. Within the last years, there has been an onslaught against Christians in Nigeria carried out by Islamic terrorists. 

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