Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson pauses during a coronavirus media briefing in Downing Street, London, Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2022. (Jack Hill, Pool Photo via AP)

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, set to resign, continues as ‘caretaker’

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has agreed to step down as the nation’s Prime Minister but intends to stay in office as “caretaker” until a new Tory leader is elected to replace him.

According to a report by BBC, Johnson is to at first stand down as the leader of the Conservative Party and has begun appointing new ministers to replace the ones that quit in protest at his leadership.

Meanwhile, some lawmakers are urging him to leave as soon as possible to avoid government paralysis.

Former minister Sir Bob Neill told MPs there was a “serious question mark” over how long a “caretaker” prime minister could stay in place.

Sir Keir Starmer said that if the Conservative Party did not “get rid” of Mr Johnson immediately then Labour would bring a vote of no confidence “in the national interest”.

“We can’t go on with this prime minister clinging on for months,” said the Labour leader, adding: “He needs to go completely… he’s inflicted lies, fraud, and chaos in the country.”

A vote of no confidence would be held in Parliament – if the government lost the vote that could lead to a general election, but this would require a significant rebellion from Conservative MPs to back a Labour motion.

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