For criticising glamour girls, Charles of play hits back at critics 

The Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Play Network, Charles Okpaleke, has broken silence about the criticism trailing his movie, Glamour Girls.

The businessman had partnered with Netflix for the remake of the 1994 Nollywood blockbuster, which premiered on the streaming platform on June 24.

Okpaleke has been criticised with several Nigerians giving the movie a negative review. In an Instagram post on Tuesday, he described the criticism as a “constructive one” and motivation to do much more.

“It has really been exciting reading a lot of reviews about Glamour Girls over the last couple of days. Your positive feedback and constructive criticism gives us the motivation to keep doing more, to keep doing better.

“Thank you for loving, for criticising, for watching, all while knowing(or not) telling the world via your numerous platform to do same”, he wrote.

“Shout-out to all Nollywood filmmakers constantly going through the nightmare of making movies in Nigeria. You guys are a blessing and an inspiration.

He also took a swipe at critics and “self proclaimed Nollywood filmmakers” who are fond of criticising other people’s works without producing their own.

“And of course a shout-out to other self-proclaimed Nollywood filmmakers and critics, who have produced numerous movies in their head, won awards with them and even climbed the stage to make speeches, but are yet to produce any in reality.

“We see you, we are rooting for you! A win for one is a win for all.

“I hear we just broke the record this morning! It has been milestone after milestone, record after record since the very day we released the movie, a Netflix original, on Netflix. 

“The whole world is watching Glamour Girls, a film by us, for us.”

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