10 Christian movies/series you should see

1. War room (2015)

The Jordan family looks ideal on the surface, yet has many cracks underneath. When Miss Clara observes this, she tries to guide them and help them unite again with the help of prayer.

2. The Encounter (2011)

A road closure leads five strangers to a remote wayside eatery shop. There, they encounter with the diner’s owner, who happens to know about them and claims to be Jesus. What is the reality?

3. God’s not dead (2014)

Professor Jeffrey Radisson, an atheist, challenges his student to prove to him that God is not dead when the latter refuses to sign a declaration about the Almighty’s non-existence.

4. Time Changer (2002)

A Bible professor from 1890 is taken 100 years into the future by one of his acquaintances to show him the effects his manuscript has had on the world.

5. Breakthrough (2019)

John Smith, a 14-year-old boy, falls into an icy lake and does not regain consciousness. His mother, Joyce, however, refuses to give up hope and prays for his recovery.

6. Touched by an Angel (Series)

Monica, Tess and Andrew are angels sent on Earth to help people having great difficulties wherein they also learn valuable lessons. They remind people about the love of God for them.

7. Father Brown

When an ungodly man is murdered at the unveiling of a new church clock, Father Brown must find the killer before an innocent woman is sent to the gallows.

8. The Chosen (Series)

Jesus, the son of a carpenter, helps numerous people, including a fisherman and a woman battling demons. Moreover, He preaches to all who lend Him their ears.

9. Joan of Arcadia (Series)

A typical family is facing atypical situations, not the least of which is their teenage daughter’s conversations with God. A police detective dreams of providing a safe haven for the family.

10. Kevin (Probably) Saves the World (Series)

Kevin Finn is struggling. Directionless and cluelessly self-serving, he seems to be drifting ever closer to total despair. With his life spiraling further and further out of control, he heads home to seek refuge with his widowed twin sister, Amy, and her young daughter.

On his first night there, life takes an unexpected turn when he receives an unlikely celestial being named Yvette, who has a mission for him: to save the world. It’s going to take a lot of trial and error, but maybe a bigger purpose is exactly what he’s needed all along.

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