Why Deeper Life decided to embrace use of TV, social media — Kumuyi

Pastor William Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, has disclosed why the church changed its idealogy of being against television, radio and social media to supporting their usage by members.

The cleric claimed the need to expand the propagation of the gospel informed the decision of the church to embrace these technologies.

In a video uploaded on Sunday via Facebook by the Ekiti State chapter of the church regretted the lateness in the use of the technologies for gospel purposes.

He said; “Anything at the disposal of the people that are doing evil, we are going to take it away from them and use it for the propagation of the gospel.

“People are getting new methods and they are doing evil. These are the last days and evil is growing worse because people go beyond using their natural strengths, natural technology, they use telephones, they use the media, they use all these connections, the Zoom, and all these things to expand the evil they are doing.

“If those messengers of Satan are using the present-day technology and they are expanding, how about you? You will use those things available; they are not only available for messengers who do evil, they are available for the people that are doing good. You will use them.

“The church has been asleep. When radio began some years ago, people didn’t understand how voices would be coming out of a radio, and so the church at that time said, No, we cannot use radio, there is something there that is magical, that is demonic, voice coming out from just a gadget? The church said no. Then, the people of the world began to use the radio. Then the church woke up.

“When the television came, somebody somewhere performing drama, they see him on the screen and then the church said, This is evil, these are the last days, look at them, bringing pictures on the screen and whatever they are doing somewhere. And the church said, No, we are not going to use that but later they woke up and they are now using the television.

“But now the church is waking up and we are seeing that that thing (technology) is to spread the gospel, for the word of God gets everywhere. We will be wiser than the people of the world. The Lord will wake us up.”

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