Bobrisky reacts to Reps move to jail cross-dressers in Nigeria

Nigerian crossdresser and social media influencer Idris Okuneye, popularly known as ‘Bobrisky’ has reacted to the House of Reps’ move to ban cross-dressing in Nigeria. 

The bill which was read on April 5, 2022, is attempting to criminalize cross-crossing in the country, in addition to the SSMPA of 2013. 

If this comes into play, crossdressers will face a 6-month jail term or pay a fine of N500,000. However, people who crossdress for entertainment purposes are exempt. 

Bob has declared officially that she is a transgender woman and he does not crossdress. 

She revealed this via Instagram, in a post where she also states she has medical records as evidence to support her claim, as she has undergone multiple surgeries to transition. 

Her post reads “I’m not a cross a dresser, I’m a woman. Have done many surgeries that can’t be reversed such as lipo, boobs etc… when the time come even court self go confirm as say I’m now a girl.”

“Still have many upcoming surgeries to be done. Na who be crossdresser go they fear. I have all my Doctors report on my surgeries” she added in the caption.

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