Annie Macaulay’s elder brother calls her out over alleged emotional abuse, threats to life  

The former manager and older brother to Nigerian actress Annie Macaulay-Idibia, who is the wife to Nigerian musician 2Baba, is calling his sister out for alleged years of emotional abuse, drug abuse, and threats to his life and that of his family. 

He took to his Instagram page on March 30 to share a video where he made a number of allegations against his sister. 

He said “Hello Nigerians, my name is Wisdom Macaulay, I am the elder brother of Annie Macaulay Idibia. 

“I’m crying out for help at this moment because my life is been threatened. I have been working with my sister for some time but she would never pay me my dues

“She would rather send me N20,000 or N30,000, turn me to her slave and she can decide when she is angry to end it. 

“Some weeks back, her husband sent me some money that I have begging him for years.”

He claims he used the money to settle his home and in the same breath, he apologized to Imo state for not paying his wife’s bride price, blaming his inaction on his being manipulated for many years. 

Wisdom also accused his sister of using illicit drugs and introducing him to the same drugs, stating she uses them daily and that she is violent and forgets everybody in her life. 

In addition to this, Wisdom accused his sister of sending thugs after him, and he ran for his life in fear, after parking the car his sister let him use for Uber. The car was later towed to Ogombo Police Station in Lekki, Lagos. 

The former manager pleaded openly that Nigerians should come to his aid, and alleged that if anything happens to him, people should know Annie was involved. 

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