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Man narrates how ’womanising’ friend borrowed from 40 loan apps



A man has narrated how his womanising friend borrowed money from 40 different loan apps using him as guarantor without his consent.

Telling the story on popular forum, Nairaland, the user, hotmax, said:

This is a case of an incurable addiction. My friend is married, working with Federal Government (Level 7 officer), yet he impregnated 2 girls. 1 of them is a Unilag student and her parents are insisting she must not abort.

Despite all these romance scandals, he still hasn’t repented. When he sees a new lady, he will start behaving like he goat. He will lose concentration and start behaving in a funny way. He will not rest until he get the girl’s telephone number.

The issue

Few weeks ago, I received messages from 2 Loan company threatening me to tell my friend to come and pay his loan or they arrest me. He submitted my number as guarantor without my consent. I called him to ask why. He said he was struggling to pay for his school fees. He is currently doing his Masters at UI.

To my dismay, Last Week, I got additional messages from 5 different Loan companies. My phone is clogged with many warning/threat messages from Loan companies. One of them even gave me 2 days before they come to my house. I don’t know how they got my address.

I went to my friend’s house dragged him. Asked him to follow me to a nearby police station. He wants to ruin my life. He became sober. He started confessing. He even told me he is tired of life, he wants to commit suicide. Anxiously, I asked “What do you do with all these cash?” He claimed he spent it on his Masters program.

It was hard to believe, I kept pressing, he later confessed he actually spent the money on dates and hook-ups. Whenever he need to fck, he will just go online order for girls and look for a loan company and apply. He get the cash immediately. He also sponsored one of his girlfriends birthday by getting soko instant loan.

The final shocker of my life came when he mistakenly said “As I am now, 40 Loan companies are after my life. I am considering suicide sef”. It was as if somebody slapped me. I first thought he was joking. I asked “Are loan companies in Nigeria even up to 40?”. He answered “they are more than 300 sef”. Imagine, these mdfckin Loan companies where just disbursing cash to this idiat. 
The mdfckin didn’t know why I was looking dejected. He thought I was sad for him, he didn’t know I was scare of all the 40 Loan companies coming to threatening me later. 

I am really in soup. How do I protect myself from these Loan Companies.

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