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African countries where prostitution is legal



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Prostitution is a practice that is most often linked to poverty. To back this statement up, according to Cambridge English Dictionary, “a prostitute is a person who has sex with someone for money”. Although there are instances where the cause of prostitution may be as a result of forced action, a principal cause of prostitution is poverty and the need to get more money according to a Danish survey of prostitution.

Prostitution has become legalized in many countries all over the world to reduce the crime rate associated with prostitution.

As the poverty rate in many African countries increases, the prostitution statistics also increase. As a result of this, some countries legalized prostitution with only some special laws.

Below is a list of African Countries that legalized Prostitution, and some that partially permits it:

1. Cape Verde

In Cape Verde, there are no prostitution laws and this simply implies that prostitution is legal. However, there are stringent laws against child prostitution and human trafficking. It was pointed out that the majority of the prostitutes in Cape Verde were exiled from Senegal and Ghana while only a few were as a result of poverty.

2. Guinea Bissau

Similar to Cape Verde, there are no prostitution laws in this country. It is a common practice in Guinea Bissau and often accompanied by other crimes including drug trafficking. 

3. Nigeria

Prostitution in Nigeria is a dual case. While it is illegal in the Northern states where prostitution is a serious offense according to Islam, it is not really chastised in the Southern States. However, serious offense is stipulated in the Constitution for brothels ownership and underage prostitution.

Also, the Constitutional law of Nigeria is against acts of sex workers.

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4. Senegal

Prostitution in Senegal is somewhat complicated but regulated. Certification is needed to be allowed to work as a prostitute. To be certified, such a person must register with the police, test for sexual infections, get a valid identity card, and must be of at least 21 years of age. Senegal is known as the only country in Africa where prostitution is both acceptable and regulated.

5. Sierra leone

Prostitution in Sierra Leone is legal. However, in addition to this, child prostitution is very prominent even with rules enforced against child prostitution in the country. Prostitutes in Sierra leone are often called “serpents” because of the hissing sound they make in their bid to attract customers.

Others African countries include:

6. Madagascar

7. Mali

8. Mozambique

9. Reunion

10. South Sudan

11. Zambia

12. Algeria

13. Tunisia*

14. Botswana

15. Lesotho

16. Benin

17. Eritrea

18. Ethiopia

19. Kenya

20. Togo

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