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Reactions as Timi Dakolo narrates Nigeria ‘humble’ experience  



Nigerian singer Timi Dakolo has shared a recent humbling experience at his residence that involves canceling a contract. 

He shared this in a tweet on Thursday, March 17, 2022 in a tweet from his verified Twitter account. 

In his tweet, he explains the his ‘Serviced Apartment’ owners have refused to service the apartment moving forward. 

The singer also adds in the tweet that they instructed the part of the contract that prohibits the use of a generator should be canceled. 

His tweet reads “Nigeria will humble you, service apartment said they are not doing servicing again. Everybody should please get their own generator.”

“They said cancel the contract that says” no personal generator in the facility.”

A concerned Nigerian advised the singer to use a solar system instead of a generator, to help him save on petrol. 

His tweet reads “Instead of a generator, get a properly installed solar home system. It will help you cut off running costs on fuel and give you massive cost savings on your electricity bills. This I can do for you.”

A second commented on the management of the serviced apartment.

“Either the management is terrible or residents are not cooperating to the increment of the service charge.”

“The country is bad I get it but there are still ways around things, it will cost more but cancelling servicing? Nah. Poor management/lack of cooperation.” she wrote. 

Another responded with her thoughts on how inflation can apparently cut across all social classes. See her tweet below 

It reads “Ndi “if you earn a particular amount of money in Nigeria you won’t feel the ineptitude of the government” how far? How market?

“Fellow Nigerians, no amount of money can shield you from a dysfunctional society. No amount of money is a substitute for a working system.”

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