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See the tweet that got Toke Makinwa upset and her reaction



TV host and blogger, Toke Makinwa shared number of tweets addressing people disrespecting her. These tweets were shared on March 14, 2022.

What led to her publicly stating she will not tolerate being disrespected?

It all started from a tweet by a Twitter influencer, Dipo Awojide.

He advised women to stay away from men who offer large sums of money just for sex, especially when the woman is not a celebrity like other international and/or Nigerian celebs, including Toke Makinwa.

His tweet reads “Any man that offers you N6M to sleep with you as a regular babe still in the trenches probably wants to use your glorious destiny.

You are not a celebrity like Naiomi Campbell, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Toke Makinwa, Anto Lekky or TBAJ. All that glitters is not gold. Be careful”

A Twitter user responded to this tweet with a rather prejudice stance, explaining that Toke Makinwa is only Instagram famous and not a real celebrity.

“The way you guys abuse the word celebrity ehh. Please what makes Toke celebrity? Coming on Tv advising kids to marry a rich man, promoting prostitution is that what made her a celebrity? @tokstarr should never be put in same word with celebrity. She’s just instagram famous.”

“Kim Kardashian is a reality TV star. And she’s a global brand, socialite, model, and businesswoman. Please tell me what Toke does?” he wrote.

Toke Makinwa did see his tweets of course and decided she won’t let it slide. The outraged TV host listed a few of her qualifications and job description in response.

Her tweets read “I am sick of the disrespect!!!! Google me if r STFU.”

“Let me help you small, I am a radio presenter, a television presenter, I have a pan African talk show the biggest talk show on Tv with an African audience

“Actor, Author, Vlogger, entrepreneur, and the list is endless. Nigerians should really stop disrespecting me.”

She also added that it is people who do not have anything to offer that come up with the negative narrative. She dared them to dare to be famous if they think it is easy.

“I literally be on my own lane and you lane ass sorry excuse called “Men” who don’t have shit to offer but your Twitter fingers constantly belittle my achievements for conversations.

“If e easy, do am. Sometimes I gotta drop my crown and set you straight. Google is your friend”

“Nobody should tell me to ignore cos ignoring these shitheads is what makes them run wild with imaginary stories.

I’ve built my brand from the ground up and will not tolerate any disrespect from anyone. Back to regular programming xx” she wrote.

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