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Why Nigeria is moving backwards – Falz



Singer, the lawyer and social activist, Folarin Falana, aka Falz, is of the opinion that Nigeria is moving backwards because adequate attention is not paid to the development of young people.

The Bop Daddy rapper stated this in an interview with the Legal Avenue podcast hosted by Lola OJ. He said, “Everything that every young Nigerian has ever tried to do or be, the Nigerian state has always held them back. I think that’s a horrible energy. The young people in any nation are the most valuable natural resources. If people are not invested in and developed to bring about a greater society, we are just moving backwards.”

Asked if he intends to go into politics, the rapper said, “I have never really thought about it. I am just a well-wisher. I want everything to be okay. I look around me and I see that everything is upside down. I do not think Africans should be existing like this as a people. There is an ‘entire array of greatness’ we are supposed to walk into but we are dragging our feet.”

Falz also stated that Nigeria was stuck despite the technological advancements in other nations. He added, “If one is not in tune (with what is happening globally), how can one flow with the rest of the world? Do you know the kind of technological advancements the (rest of the) world is making? We are stuck here. We are far behind yet some people are saying they don’t want the TikTokgeneration to lead.”

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