6 ways to work-from-home and earn in Nigeria [Excluding ‘Yahoo Yahoo’]

The internet offers a lot of means to earn money from the comfort of your home. The coronavirus pandemic has also forced many organisations to rethink their work model, with lots of them embracing remote presence. 

As a Nigerian youth in search of how to make money in Nigeria, we have compiled some that could fetch you income. Forget, internet fraud, popularly known as ‘Yahoo Yahoo’. 

Before we dive into the different money-making means that any Nigerian youths can take advantage of by working from home, it is important to discuss and clarify the following:

  • You need to be good at something (such as writing, programming, editing, or graphic designing) to take advantage of these opportunities.
  • If you have nothing you are proficient in presently, there are ways to learn for free also online. [Read our article on Beyond Certificate Tips for Nigerian Youths: Free learning sites]
  • You are unlikely to make millions in a few days to buy the latest Benz via any of these platforms. However, this is possible with consistency and becoming better at what you do.

How to work from home and earn cool legit cash in Nigeria

Freelance Writing

This industry is booming daily. If you think you are proficient in writing, sign up on freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, ProBloggers, Lanre Writer, and Freelancer. However, it is advisable to boost your portfolio before joining these platforms as many employers would want to see samples of your previous works. You can start by writing opinion articles and pitching to media houses or smaller blogs to get an online presence. Also, popular Nigeria’s Forum, Nairaland, is another place to start from. There are lots of people in search of writers. Just do a keyword search of “writers needed” and reach out to the OPs. 

Graphic Designing

This is another work-from-home opportunity for Nigerian youths. It is easy to learn graphics designing for youths interested but without any experience. Provided you have a laptop or access to a Desktop PC, download graphic designing tools like Corel Draw and Photoshop. Watch YouTube videos on things you will like to learn. This also applies to people interested in learning Animation and Video Editing. And if you have the fund, you may enroll in a class with professionals. There are numerous online tutorial platforms you can register with.


You can make some cool cash helping clients transcribe their recordings. There are platforms connecting interested persons with people in need of such service. You can search them on Google. However, read reviews about the platform before joining to avoid stories that touch. Also, people who understand other languages such as French, especially if you study this in school, there are lots of English-speaking clients in need of translation. Even Yoruba, some people will pay to help them translate it to English. Check online for these platforms, A simple search of “Online Translator Sites Freelance” may be helpful.


This is another booming industry. Some Nigerian youths without studying anything relating to computing in school are working in this niche and cashing out. Some have moved from working freelance to getting employed in reputable companies full-time. If you can code, check out platforms such as TopTal to get clients. Sites like Upwork and Fiverr are also good for sourcing jobs.


Some people have claimed to earn some cash filling out surveys online. However, your opportunity of making money via this method is limited as you may not qualify for the criteria set by most company’s in need of such service. But if you think you are still interested, do an online search for Online Survey Earning Sites or Online Product Testing Earning Sites.

Affiliate Marketing

This is good for people who are good at marketing. Also, if you are looking at building a company of your own in the future, you may want to consider this. Even of you eventually didn’t earn much from the adventure, you will learn a lot that would be useful later. A lot of websites offer referral bonuses to attract users/customers. Online payment platforms, such as Payoneer for instance offer $25 as a referral bonus. Likewise, eCommerce platforms like Jumia has the JForce program, rewarding people that bring sellers to their platform. The same with Jeugmark, an online platform for handmade items in Nigeria. Likewise AliExpress.

Just look around, but only recommend a brand you can trust to avoid damaging your reputation among friends and family.

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