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Igosave shares his 5-yr-old daughter’s experience with Nigerian police



Nigerian comedian Otaghware Otas Onodjayeke, stage name ‘Igosave’ has shared his daughter’s disappointing experience with Nigerian police.

In a video shared by the comedian on his verified Instagram page on Monday, February 21, 2022, his daughter explains she doesn’t want to return to Nigeria because the Nigerian police are always looking for an opportunity to extort.

She gave an example of a stop and search incident where the police searches the car and after nothing has been found, they ask for money for the weekend.

In the caption, the comedian noted that his daughter asked why there are nonstop and search spots in Austria like there are in Nigeria.

He further wrote in his post that sometimes, the police work on security tips to perform stop and check, but other times some officers just illegally extort innocent citizens.

The caption reads “My 5-year-old daughter HARMONY has always questioned me each time we drive together here in Nigeria; on why the police always stop and search my car with them inside as this doesn’t happen in Austria?”

“Here in Nigeria, police stop and search are so rampant that sometimes the police blocks are at every pole; while some do on security tip-off, a large volume does illegally just to extort innocent citizens.”

“My five years old daughter Harmony shares her disappointing her experience.”


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